Taking Flight

(UPDATE: We have moved our site to http://www.travelingseouls.com, check out the original post here: http://www.travelingseouls.com/taking-flight/)

A week has come and gone for what seemed like an eternity ago when we jetted off on August 28th.  We endured through a computer system failure at our home airport, which resulted in handwritten plane tickets and baggage tags. And even though our kids traveled on three different legs (home to Newark to Heathrow and then to our final destination), they managed to deal with the tough travel circumstances.

I’d like to say that our children slept like this:


Or like this:


But it was more like this: One child threw up, which were superbly prepared for, and the other had what one would call terrors of the traumatic kind.  Who knew that our typically easy -going baby would cling to his FLEECE blanket in Texas-like weather?  But he is our Linus (reference to Snoopy/Peanuts).


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