Delayed Gratification

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Prof got a phone call on August 30th, notifying us that our luggage would arrive at the flat the next day or so.  It was a huge relief, and one I could tell that relived some of the stress and burden Historian had been carrying on his shoulders. For my more laid back Californian hubby, it was tough to watch him stress and worry about the family.  All I could do was be the calm and easy going one. Who knew, right? But to his ying, I was his yang, and vice versa, especially when I was a hot mess before the trip. (Sorry – JEK – Hope you ladies can forgive my craziness before your move and ours.)

So after the kids went to bed, we waited up for the luggage to arrive. The six major pieces of luggage we checked in arrived. All of the pieces were in its almost rightful place. After all, TSA did have to do a check or two of its contents.

Oh, if you could only see the faces of the kids when they woke on Saturday morning. It was almost like Christmas! They got to see familiar toys from back home – Piano Man’s favorite Ninjago (thanks, Uncle JB), coloring books, etc.

Now we were just waiting for the final piece of carry-on luggage that we were forced to check in at Newark. It arrived that Saturday night.  I immediately opened the main compartment hoping to look for the one item that was probably the most expensive of all.  I checked a second time, and mentally confirmed that the DSLR camera was gone.

But considering that the camera was the only thing that didn’t make it with us to Cyprus, it’s been a blessing to have our family all safe, together, and in one piece. We can always get another camera. We can’t always get back the things that harm us (e.g., sense of safety and security after a mugging or robbery.) And thankfully, no one in our family has been through that.

7 thoughts on “Delayed Gratification

  1. hey guys many blessings to you all on this journey! sounds like it has been crazy and adventurous so far–i’m sure you’ll make some great memories out there. say hi to everybody for me!

  2. what?!?!? DSLR stolen out of the bag? i hope you guys at least put in a claim for stolen property in case they reimburse you for it…. other than that glad to hear that YBER are safe and sound….

  3. One rough trip the family had to endure! Thank God you guys made it in one piece. We will continue to think and pray for the four of you. We completely feel you guys on the “journey” abroad. It’s no easy task! Looking forward to December~ hopefully we can meet up and share stories! 🙂

  4. Glad to see almost everything made it through the trip. Not to rub it in, but just for informative purposes, never leave any valuables, computers, iPads, cameras, etc. in checked luggage on any flight, even domestic. Those items must be always carried by hand.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your literary side 🙂

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