Clothes on Our Backs

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On August 29th, we descended down for our landing at Larnaca Airport.  We watched the dark blue ocean waters cascade on our left and took in the city view on our right, as the sun was about to set.  We didn’t even think twice about all the things we endured through during our 18 plus hours of travel.  We kept our minds on the next steps: picking up our 7 pieces of luggage and head for Nicosia.

We were the last ones to deplane, so we expected to see our bags waiting for us at baggage claim.  Not a single one of our seven bags made it.   They were somewhere between New Jersey and Heathrow – but honestly who knows where?

We managed to wear the clothes on back for five days (two days during travel and three days on the ground).   Luckily, we had sleepwear for the boys in my backpack (but they were long sleeve pjs – perfect for this Mediterranean weather).

It was difficult to wear long pants or khakis for the plane ride in this hot climate, but at least, it was doable.  Now, we were just waiting for our luggage to arrive. (More on this story to follow.)


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